Become A Volunteer Leader

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. They're mums and dads, university students and working professionals, retirees and other compassionate adults who want God's best for young people. The diversity of our volunteers helps us make an eternal difference with all kinds of young people in all kinds of places.

When you're a leader, you're also joining a community of dynamic staff, leaders and committee. It's not uncommon for leaders to say that they get more out of being a leader than they give.

Volunteer leaders are absolutely vital to the mission of Young Life. It is their involvement that allows lives to be changed. Young Life volunteer leaders participate in a full range of activities that help them build these significant relationships with young people.

Are you interested? Think that maybe YOU were made for this? Then get started by contacting us today.​​​

Join the Local Adult Committee

Members of a Young Life committee are adults who are committed to providing every young person in their community the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ in ways and words they can understand from someone they know and trust.

Committee members pray for young people, for Young Life staff and leaders, promote the ministry in the community, care for the local staff and volunteer leaders, as well as ensure the financial health of the local ministry.

Support Us Financially

Young Life International is made possible by the generosity of people like you in local communities.

While volunteer leaders multiply ministry, local people giving to support local staff & national services ensure a firm foundation and excellent youth work.